Hi and welcome to our site!  To give you an idea of who we are and our dedication to the Newfoundland breed.. please read the story below.


I grew up in Alberta with many animals such as rabbits, hamsters, birds, a cat, and over the years we had 3 dogs, a Poodle, a Dachshund, and a German Shepherd.  As well we had two Appaloosa's that we had  for pleasure, but I also showed them and absolutely loved it. 

In 1987 I was visiting Newfoundland for the first time from Alberta and went to Historic Cape Spear, the most Easternly point of North America.  It was a cold and windy day but I was enjoying every minute of being in a place so rich with history, a place set in one of the most cruelest but utmost beautiful settings around.

While wandering around the site, I saw a man close to the rocky cliffs walking what I thought was a black bear.  I watched closely and nudged my boyfriend at the time, Glen, and told him to look.  He told me then about the Newfoundland dog that they kept there to patrol the cliffsides. The dog's duties were to make sure that people didn't get too adventurous and decide to climb the rocky shore and slip in to the icy water and if they did, well he would surely pull them out.

I thought.. what a remarkable animal.            

I waited till he got closer.. and being the animal lover that I was.. I rushed over to where he and his master had stopped.  The dog was mauled by tourists and had his picture taken many times.. and through it all he just sat and looked.. proud and as calm as can be.  Finally when the commotion was over.. I moved in.

I was awestruck.. to put it bluntly. So big and black and beautiful were the words that came to mind.  I scratched all the good places.. felt his smooth, soft coat..and looked into his dark, brown eyes.. and I was in love.  It was from that day that I knew I would own one someday.


It took almost two years for my dream to come true.. and on a blustery November day, we drove to St. John's and went to pick up my puppy.  You can imagine how I felt.  After that moment I just somehow knew that I would always have a Newfoundland in my live.  We named our girl Purple, for lack of a name that Glen and I could decide on, and home we went.  A huge thankyou  to Rob and Liz Crosbie who gave me my first angel.

Almost a full two years after Purple came into our lives I had the opportunity to purchase a male.  I had been sent photos of him and a pedigree, which really didn't mean much to me at the time, but the picture of this beautiful boy stole my heart.


While living in Toronto, Ontario at the time, we drove up to a small community called Alfred to pick up our boy.  I was amazed by his size and temperment.. and at that time I had no idea of what an impact this dog would make on my life.  I thank Pat LeClair from the bottom of my heart for entrusting me with her beautiful boy those many years ago.     


few years later, Clipper, Purple and I hit the shows.. and one glorious day in September, 1993, in Harbour Grace during an NDCC booster.. Clipper won a Best In Show.  I knew what a gem Clipper was but it was after that, that I really took breeding seriously.. but I was still cautious.  A was told once  that you might be remembered for something good.. but no doubt you will never be forgotten for something bad... so we took our time and didn't breed until we knew it was right
.  I have to mention that Purple did well too taking a Best of Opposite Sex that day.


In 1996, Clipper finally sired his first litter with an exhuberant girl named Cherup, owned by Dave Carroll - Signalmen Kennels, at the spry age of 8.   From that litter we got our sweet Abby.  We also co-owned a beautiful girl named Candy with Dave  during that same time and we thank him for everything that he ever did for us.

Over the years we have had some wonderful dogs from other kennels and we have also kept some youngsters of our own to work into our own breeding program.  It is a continual learning experience and will be for many years to come I am sure but is after all, a labour of love.


Over the years our Newfoundlands have been active in the show ring winning Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex and several group placements and we hope to once again be exhibiting with our newest additions.  We have also been active in community events such as fundraisers for Crime Stoppers, which I am an active member of, and also for our local Fire Department where we have given cart rides to children and we have also participated in events for our local SPCA who I help, unfortunately, much too often. We also visit youth groups, girl guides and tourist groups that are visiting the area  and we have been asked to take part in the RCMP Musical ride several times while they have been in our area. 

Newfoundlands are so eager to love and they are so gentle and understanding that probably our greatest joy is visiting with the elderly.  While we do pet visitation at our local hospitals long term care unit, we hear stories of the resident's own dogs or cats.. and to see someone who is normally quiet all of a sudden light up at the sight of one of our dogs.. it's simply wonderful!  We will never forget the day Mr. Ford tried so hard to get one of our Newfies up on the bed with him.  It brought tears to my eyes...


We admire the Newfoundland for so many things and know that we could not have picked a better dog to share our lives with.  Knowing the happiness that we experience from our own Newfies..  we take joy in knowing that a puppy raised in our home, if we do not keep he or she ourselves,  will indeed bring the same happiness to another and be a treasured family member.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the internet.

Seagirt Newfoundlands
Kyrsten and Glen Adams 

"Seagirt - Surrounded by the Sea"